Film Review: The Departed

October 26, 2006

Leonardo Di Caprio wins our respect as a serious actor! His acting carreer evolution is in some ways similar to that of Sean Penn who played lots of leading romantic male roles until he got into serious drama and discovered himself. Di Caprio should just stay away from “lover-boy” romance hearthrob roles which completely cover up his true dramatic talent. The Departed, – a story of Boston’s Irish mafia and graft within law enforcement, keeps you on the edge on your seat pretty much till the very end. There are elements of this work by Scorcese that leave one feeling – “I am being manipulated by the director”, but overall the film hangs together very well. Nicholson, Baldwin, Dammon, DiCaprio, Sheen – all pull through great performances with both DiCaprio and Nicholson as stand outs. Recommended.


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